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Hire a Returning Veteran, Get a Tax Break

small business owners hire returning veteransNow, Western North Carolina small business owners have even more reason to hire veterans. It is a fact that these days with so many men and women looking for work most employers currently hold the advantage. They have the ability to pick and choose who fills their open positions from a very talented group of job seekers.

With more people looking for work than available jobs, employers would benefit in taking advantage of a highly trained and disciplined work force transitioning to civilian life from military service. With new tax incentives small business owners should considering hiring  returning service members.

On November 21, 2011, Congress approved and the President signed into law two new tax credits, the Returning Heroes Tax Credit and the Wounded Warrior Tax Credit.

Returning Heroes Tax Credit

The Returning Heroes Tax Credit is an incentive for businesses to hire unemployed veterans. For those veterans who have been unemployed at least 4 weeks, short-term unemployed, an employer can receive a maximum credit of $2,400 for employing them. While those veterans who have been unemployed for longer than 6 months, or Long-term unemployed, will earn a business up to a $5,600 tax credit.

Wounded Warrior Tax Credit

For those unemployed veterans with service-connected disabilities The Wounded Warrior Tax Credit provides a credit up to a maximum of $4,800. Hiring a veteran who has a service related disability that has been unemployed for 6 months or more will earn an employer up to $9,600 tax credit.

Fact Sheet | How to apply for the credits

So veterans polish up those resumes, get your details and references on paper to help you when you fill out applications, and take advantage of programs that assist you with the transition from military to civilian work force. Get registered on websites that specialize in helping employers connect with veterans.

Online Resources for Veterans Seeking Jobs Employment Center – Find jobs with employers looking for military experience - VetJobs is available to assist ALL members of "The United States Military Family". – connects veterans of America’s armed forces with employers who value their experience and skills

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These programs are great. When I returned from Iraq in 1991 IBM started me back to work the same week...I can't tell you how important it is for returning VETs to know that someone is there for them when they return. In hindsight it was an important part of putting the War behind and leaving it in Iraq. Going back to work returns a sense of "normal" to returning soldiers...Employers should also be incented to “return” to work soldiers that are deployed for long periods.
Posted @ Tuesday, April 10, 2012 9:22 AM by Chris Gilbert
This is true Chris. Getting active after you return is important. But Vets need to polish up those resumes and get aggressive at searching for jobs and applying. Even though we as vets (USMC 88-92 Desert Storm) can contribute greatly with our experience, be prepared to interview well and clean up your appearance. No vet should assume they are doing an employer a favor by just showing up. Thanks you... I appreciate your comments about my article. Have a great day.
Posted @ Friday, April 13, 2012 8:08 AM by Lee Cloer
I know IBM and the team that I worked for was unique. They were 100% committed (personally) to ensuring I was welcomed back and had a fresh start. My appearance wasn't at all an issue as I came back TAN and LEAN (lost 25 pounds because of MRE's). I served with the Navy Seabee's NMCB24 87-91 in Al Jubail Saudi Arabia in support of the USMC…Thanks for the attention you are bringing this issue and your service…Chris G 
Posted @ Friday, April 13, 2012 9:13 AM by Chris Gilbert
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